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10 ways to start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved

Loving yourself is the same as self-love, taking care of yourself, feel balance and fulfilled from within, without needing love from without. We are divine magnificent expression of life. We are powerful beings. Loving our self means loving and truly honoring everything that makes us be who we really are. It is appreciating all that we have, our gifts, talents, ideas, feelings and emotions that makes us unique.

1- Stop criticizing yourself, forgive yourself and accept yourself exactly as you are

Very powerful message here, remember we are powerful beings in this world, you are beautiful the way you are, we ALL have gift, recognize what is yours and use it.

2- Do not fear to change

Go outside your comfort zone, do what you feel is good for you, follow your intuition, follow your dream, never stop dreaming.

3- Be kind and patient with yourself

Remember this is part of the process, making mistake is part of the transformation. Be kind with yourself, and know that you are love. See the lesson in everything and practice to let go.

4- Change your negative thoughts

We chose our thoughts, become aware of them will help strengthen our ability to control them and change in a positive way. Anxiety, fear, anger coming from our thoughts.

5- Stop believing on the opinion of other people

Belief in yourself and follow your intuition, other people do not know who you are, what are your feelings or emotions, YOU are the only one that know

6- Never give your power away to others

When you give your power away your weakness yourself and others take your own power, recognize who you are and what you want.

7- Do things to make you feel good

Do more things that truly excite you, that make you happy, send and create positive energy flowing through. Doing things that you enjoy and love, attract more positive things, embrace it and have fun.

8- Be in touch with your spirituality

Whatever is your spirituality or belief, follow it and meditate, find time during your day to disconnect from the word and go within to find yourself

9- Start your day with love

Thanks for everything that you already have, wake up daily with thanks words, positive affirmations, start your day with love in your heart, compassion and forgiveness.

10- Never give up on your dream

Never forget to dream, laugh, go with the flow in life. All your dream coming in real life ONLY if you want it, don’t let nobody to let you down, continue dreaming, never stop.


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