Amethyst Necklace, Reconnect with your inner wisdom and intuition

This Amethyst Crystal works as a natural stress reliever. Magnifies positive vibes while cleansing the body of negative energy, including toxic emotions such as anger, anxiety, fear, and more. Amethyst boost the spirit and encourages spiritual growth by protecting the aura from damaging. When you wear an amethyst crystal it have a stone in your home, it encourage you to engage in positive introspection, which help you access your true feelings and increase intuition. This necklace stimulate and balance your crown chakras.
Amethyst is a useful healing tool for pain relief, place Amethyst crystal above your head, this help to open and activate the crown chakra which is the energy center of inner wisdom and intuition.  
Wearing Amethyst jewelry is an easy way to infuse the healing vives of dark purple into your life. Spiritual transformation and the reawakening of the spirit to your divine purpose.


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